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Tomasz Szotkowski

Tomasz Szotkowski

Legal Adviser

A legal adviser entered in the register of legal advisers kept by the Regional Chamber of Legal Advisers in Szczecin. He completed the legal adviser's training at the Regional Chamber of Legal Advisers in Szczecin.

He is a specialist within the scope of the issues related to real estate management. He gained his knowledge and experience not only while working in law offices, but also while practising in local government units and providing services for the benefit of private real estate administrators. At the moment, he is working as a coordinator in the Legal Advisers' Department of a housing cooperative in Szczecin. 

Thus, he has a wide scope of knowledge, both theoretical and practical, related in particular to:

  1. regulating legal titles to residential premises,
  2. providing legal services for condominiums,
  3. recovering all types of debts, including charges related to using residential premises,
  4. providing legal services for housing cooperatives,
  5. executing eviction orders,
  6. claiming damages for a failure of a commune to provide social premises the right whereto has been established in eviction orders,
  7. representing clients before authorities conducting proceedings within the above mentioned scope, including but not limited to local government units.
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