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Legato group

The Legato Group consists of legal advisers and a sworn translator and interpreter of English. Our team's focus is to provide complex services for entrepreneurs and individuals not conducting business activity. Our main objective is to provide daily legal aid as well as to eliminate language barriers while conducting business activity. Our knowledge and experience enable entrepreneurs to focus on the most important issues without any fear for their legal status.

Our main priority is to provide support for foreign entrepreneurs who would like to locate their business in the Republic of Poland. To this end, we provide legal services at all transfer stages and, due to our close cooperation with the translation office, we are also able to guarantee convenience in all types of negotiations, both with the private and public sector. As a young team we are open to various challenges and needs of our clients. We are precisely where our clients need us to be.

 The Legato Group

Sebastian Wojciechowski

Legal Adviser
Tel.: +48 506 579 338

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Tomasz Szotkowski

Legal Adviser
Tel.: +48 600 819 777

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Daria Samborska 

Legal Adviser
Tel.: +48 606 243 694

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Agnieszka Nowosad

Sworn Translator of English
Tel.: +48 501 011 909

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